[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (2024)

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (1)[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (2)

Hey guys, I'm Azzapp, ex professional mid laner, shotcaller and coach. Currently I'm a streamer/entertainer and content creator. I have been Challenger player since season 3. This is one of my first attempts in making a written guide. I have over 3.14159 million mastery on Vel'Koz and within the League community I'm known as one of the best Vel'Koz players in the world.
[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (5)I hope you guys enjoy reading this guide and improve your Vel'Koz gameplay.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just generally enjoy Vel'Koz, feel free to follow me on Twitter. Subscribe to me on Youtube. Join my Discord server. Follow me on Twitch.

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (8)
[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (9)

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (10)

Ghost is the optimal summoner spell for Vel'Koz in most cases. It gives great value in lane phase and team fights alike. Bonus movement speed can often save you from taking extra damage. More aggressive variant is Exhaust which can be used in assassin match up-s when you want to go for the kill in lane.
Flash is definitely a must when playing Vel'Koz due to his lack of gap closing and movement enhancing abilites.

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (18)

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (19)

Skill order is one of the most debated things about Vel'Koz. Maxing Plasma Fission gives you higher burst and kill potential but weaker wave management. On the other hand maxing Void Rift gives you better wave control but less kill potential. Over the years of playing Vel'Koz I have devised a skill order which I believe to be optimal in most cases. I like putting 3 points in Void Rift by level 5 which gives you just enough pushing power and helps you through the early game when Vel'Koz isn't the strongest and you wouldn't be going for kill anyway. After 3 points in Void Rift I proceed with maxing Plasma Fission to increase the slow duration and burst potential. Obviously you will be getting points in Life Form Disintegration Ray when available and after maxing Plasma Fission you will proceed with maxing Void Rift.

Organic Deconstruction is extremely important mechanic in your kit when playing Vel'Koz. To deal optimal damage you should be basing your trades around Organic Deconstruction. In the best case scenario you will land 9 stacks on the opponent which is 3 true damage rotations. For quick trades you should be looking to proc Organic Deconstruction at least once. People will very rarely respect your stacks especially if you only apllied one, but sometimes only 1 stack is enough to enable your play. If you have time check out my combo guide in which I go in depth on managing your stacks and Organic Deconstruction rotations.

Plasma Fission is the most unique ability for Vel'Koz. Manipulating the reactivation of Plasma Fission opens up a whole new world of play making. It is the catalyst in 90% of Vel'Koz plays. However mastering the shooting and reactivation is only a part of it. Because of it's geometrical nature Plasma Fission is directly connected with your positioning. Getting into good positions will make extremely difficult shots into check mate scenarios where your Plasma Fission is undodge-able. To get the full potential of this ability I highly suggest watching video referenced in the Organic Deconstruction section.

Void Rift is the only basic ability in Vel'Koz kit which has the potential to apply 2 stacks of Organic Deconstruction. It is mostly used for pushing, wave management and follow up to Plasma Fission or Tectonic Disruption. It is extremely hard to hit both parts of Void Rift on it's own, but it boosts your damage output heavily if your teammates can provide the lockdown.

Tectonic Disruption is the only form of hard CC Vel'Koz has. Landing Tectonic Disruption enables you to dish out your full combo but missing it can be devastating for your mana pool and pressure in lane. It is best to use it after landing Plasma Fission which greatly increases your chance of succeeding. Tectonic Disruption is also your only disengage ability and it is very crucial not to waste it against assassins because it will render you vulnerable for the next 10-15 seconds.

Life Form Disintegration Ray is by far the most powerful Vel'Koz ability and it definitely packs a punch, but it is by no means overpowered. There are 2 keys to using Life Form Disintegration Ray properly. First you have to account for all the potential disruptions because you are extremely vulnerable during the channeling time. Secondly, to get the most out of Life Form Disintegration Ray you have to manage the stacks of Organic Deconstruction. It is best used just after the first rotation granting you true damage for the full channel and one extra proc of Organic Deconstruction.

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (65)

In most cases at level 1 you will want to take Plasma Fission. It is more reliable for farming early game, less mana consumption and you might get some poke damage.

Early game as Vel'Koz you're pretty safe and you will most likely not get ganked before 3 minutes so you want to make as much as pressure as you can. You are at your best when you are pressuring enemy and holding him on the ropes.
In some match up-s like Azir, Aurelion Sol, Taliyah, Orianna etc. you will not be able to outpush so picking up Void Rift level 1 and Minion Dematerializer can save you from taking a lot of damage trying to control the waves.

Vel'Koz is a champion that scales very well with levels, so you have to try and take advantage of spikes for level 2,3 and 6 during the laning phase. If you are controlling the waves and having slightly more pressure than the opponent, that means when you get close to a level up you can get it way sooner than the enemy.

Level 2 spike will rarely kill since you only have Plasma Fission and Void Rift available to you so in best case scenario you will get 2 rotations of Organic Deconstruction, but it might just be enough to give you a good lead in lane or even force a Heal or Barrier.

Level 3 spike works in a similar way except you have access to your only hard cc ability making you more of a threat and better at setting up a gank. At this point it is possible to make enemy use Flash defensively.

Up until this point Vel'Koz was a relatively weak champion, even if you landed poke it wouldn't have been that impactful. From level 3 and on you gain more and more control.

Level 6 powerspike is definitely responsible for good majority of my solo kills in lane. When you reach level 5 and about 60-80% of experience one good trick to use is zone them towards the wave with your Plasma Fission and then prematurely drop your combo on the wave immediately leveling up your Life Form Disintegration Ray which is at least going to cost them a Flash and in many cases give you a kill.

At this point you will have 3 points in Void Rift which will enable you to out-pressure even the stronger pushers in the game. Use that lane priority to get deeper wards on enemy raptors or river. Many junglers tend to be careless in solo Q and they feel overly safe in their jungle. Using your vision and knowledge you may be able to get a long range kill on some unsuspecting junglers. If you are unable to force your lead in lane and get a kill, try using your map vision to devise a nice roam. Vel'Koz roams tend to work great on side lanes due to map curvature and geometry. In many cases you are able to get a kill or an assist from the edge of the river which will cost you hardly any cs.

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (86)

Vel'Koz is a high range, high damage, unique control mage. He is not a mechanically demanding champion but he does require you to have a lot of game knowledge. Most of Vel'Koz plays are created in your head in advance rather than reactionary. Based on a particular game and what you have observed, you need to imagine what you are going to do in certain scenarios. Playing Vel'Koz is very similar to playing chess. It's all about mind games and predicting what are your opponents options and most likely moves.

You are very vulnerable immobile mage, so in order to survive and make the most damage possible you will have to be playing the "counting game". That means paying attention and counting every single dash, flash, jump, etc..

Many of you players think that in order to be a good Vel'Koz player you have to be good at hitting skillshots, but it goes way beyond that.
In order to truly master Vel'Koz, there are couple of keys.
First and most important you need to work on your game knowledge.
Second, you need to work on your positioning, which directly ties into your game knowledge.
Third, you need to work on your skillshots, which directly ties into your positioning.

In teamfights Vel'Koz very often plays a similar role to that of an ADC but with slightly more range.
For beginners and even experienced players good rule to go by is just to NOT die. That is a bit harder than you think because you will very often overreach and try to deal more damage than it is possible in certain scenarios. First try to analyze the threats. Who on the opponent team can kill you and how. You need to know how close you can get without compromising your life. You have built in true damage with Organic Deconstruction so focusing the frontline is actually very useful. Later on as you gain more game knowledge and experience you will be able to understand the win condition in almost every single game and thus modify your teamfight goal.

If you are doing an extremely good job in a specific game you will hardly ever have teamfights. In an optimal scenario you would be dancing right outside of the enemy team's engage range and dishing out poke.

Vel'Koz is insanely good at sieging turrets. If you maintain good position and you land decent amount of your poke, the opponents will be rendered useless under their turret. If they make a forced engage with low HP they will lose, if they back off they will lose the turret. Playing good poke/pick style will win many teamfights before they even start.

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (95)

This is it for one of my first attempts in a written guide. I really hope I have managed to transfer at least some useful information to you guys. I would really appreciate any feedback regarding this guide since I plan to make more and keep this one updated.

If you really enjoy talking Vel'Koz and/or have further question I would be happy to answer any of you either on my Youtube or live on my Twitch stream.

[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (97)[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (98)
[Patch 14.10] SEASON 14 Azzapp's Guide To Vel'Koz [MID/APC/SUP] (2024)


What is the best build for Vel Koz support? ›

Based on our analysis of 27 077 matches in patch patch the best build for Vel'Koz is Zaz'Zak's Realmspike, Sorcerer's Shoes, Luden's Companion, Liandry's Torment, and Morellonomicon.

How to play Velkoz Mid? ›

Look for picks on isolated targets if possible. Keep a constant eye on you and your allies positioning. You need to poke the enemy down and delay fights in the late game, but you need to watch your positioning as you move forward to harass. Do not get picked off by trying to harass and poke the enemy down.

What tier is Vel Koz support? ›

Vel'Koz support has a 51.3% win rate in Emerald+ on Patch 14.10 coming in at rank 39 of 73 and graded B Tier on the LoL Tierlist. Vel'Koz support is a strong counter to Brand, Swain & Yuumi while Vel'Koz is countered most by Poppy, Camille & Pyke.

What lane is Vel Koz? ›

Patch 14.10 Solo Queue Vel'Koz is ranked as D Tier in the Support Lane with a 51.34% Win Rate (Above Average) and 1.15% Pick Rate (Low).

What is the best ADC to pair with Velkoz? ›

I wish we had 2 bans....
  • Ashe. Ideal. This is (according to Azzapp) one of the best ADCs for Vel'Koz. ...
  • Draven. Low. Pretty bad synergy. ...
  • Caitlyn. Ok.
  • Ezreal. Strong. Ezreal is a really safe adc with a ton of poke as well. ...
  • Miss Fortune. Strong.
  • Kai'Sa. Low.
  • Kalista. Low.
  • Aphelios. Ok.
Apr 19, 2020

What is the win rate for Velkoz top? ›

AD Carry2.3%55.8%
1 more row

Is Velkoz or Xerath better? ›

Vel'Kozvs Xerath Support

Based on the analysis of 1 001 matches in eloName in Patch patch, Vel'Koz has a 48.9% win rate against Xerath in the Support, which is 1.9% lower than expected win rate of Vel'Koz. This means that Vel'Koz is more likely to lose the game against Xerath than on average.

Is Velkoz a Voidborn? ›

Abilities. Voidborn: Vel'Koz is a Voidborn, a being birthed from the Void to enter the material realm. Because the Void possesses different laws of reality, Voidborn have to create new bodies from the matter of Runeterra.

How do you win as a mid laner? ›

Wave Manipulation:

Freezing the lane near your turret can deny the enemy mid laner gold and experience while making them vulnerable to ganks. Push the minion waves can allow you with roaming opportunities or to move ahead of your opponent. Knowing when you freeze and when to shove is important.

Is brand better than vel koz support? ›

Based on the analysis of 80 matches in Emerald + in Patch 14.10, Brand has a 42.5% win rate against Vel'Koz in the Support, which is 7.2% lower than expected win rate of Brand. This means that Brand is more likely to lose the game against Vel'Koz than on average.

Is Vel Tech Tier 1? ›

National Board of Accreditation

B. Tech. programmes are accredited by NBA under Tier-I (Washington Accord) category.

Who counters Velkoz? ›

Vel'Koz roleName has a 50.8% win rate and 2.2% pick rate in eloName and is currently ranked B tier. Based on our analysis of 27 879 matches, the best counters for Vel'Koz roleName are Poppy, Tahm Kench, Pyke, Blitzcrank and Sona. On the other hand, Vel'Koz roleName counters Brand, Hwei, Swain, Morgana and Seraphine.

Does velkoz r slow? ›

ACTIVE: Vel'Koz fires a plasma bolt in the target direction that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit and slows them by 70% decaying over a duration. Plasma Fission can be recast after 0.25 seconds while the bolt is in flight, and does so automatically upon hitting an enemy or maximum range.

Is Velkoz one of the watchers? ›

Prior to the reveal of Vel'Koz's lore and his Q&A, there was a popular theory that Vel'Koz was one of the Frozen Watchers - due to visual similarities and a literal interpretation of Lissandra's quote, "The Watchers were sent howling into the abyss." It was confirmed that Vel'Koz specifically is not one of Lissandra's ...

When did Velkoz come out? ›

February 27, 2014

Can you play Velkoz support? ›

Keep in mind, every 3rd spell damage proc will deal true damage as well, adding to the strength of his poke. True damage on a passive also allows him to be played as support, as he only needs CDR to keep proc'ing true damage.

What is the build item for Vel Koz? ›

Vel'Koz 14.10 Build

For items, our build recommends: Sorcerer's Shoes, Luden's Companion, Blackfire Torch, Malignance, Liandry's Torment, and Zaz'Zak's Realmspike. For runes, the strongest choice is Sorcery (Primary) with Arcane Comet (Keystone), and Inspiration (Secondary).

Is Xerath support better than Vel Koz? ›

Vel'Kozvs Xerath Support

Based on the analysis of 275 matches in eloName in Patch patch, Vel'Koz has a 46.9% win rate against Xerath in the Support, which is 4.0% lower than expected win rate of Vel'Koz. This means that Vel'Koz is more likely to lose the game against Xerath than on average.


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