UKs cheapest PAYG mobile tariff (2024)

£40 to use over 365 days

No need to top-up for a whole year

1p a minute, 1p a text, 1p a MB

No contract. No hassle. No monthly fee.

Order your 1-year SIM

Our 1-year Flexi deal

Our 1-year Flexi deal gives you all the 1pMobile benefits and rates, but without the need to top-up in your first year.

If you need to top-up earlier, you can.

Existing customers can add this Boost in the "Top-ups and Boosts" section of their online account, log in here.

The perfect gift

Our 1-year Flexi deal makes the perfect gift for a loved one.

Use your credit as you want

With the UK's lowest rates for calls, texts and data, your top-ups go a lot, lot further.

Join today for just £40. We'll send you a SIM loaded with £40 of credit. Complete peace of mind with our 14 day money back guarantee.

UK landlines and mobiles 1p a minute
Texts to UK numbers 1p a text
Data 1p a MB
Other rates View tariff

Roam like at home

Our great 1p tariff can be used when using your phone in the following destinations.

That's right 1p a minute, 1p a text and 1p a MB when visiting any of the places listed below, whether that is calls back to the UK, within the country you are roaming in or to any of the other destinations listed.

You can even use our great value Boosts when roaming (subject to a 14GB cap). Enjoy your holiday without the worry about coming home to huge bills. Subject to our fair use policy.

Balearic Islands
Canary Islands
Cyprus (South)
Czech Republic
French Guiana
Ireland (Republic)
Isle of Man
Reunion Island
San Marino
Vatican City

Order your 1-year SIM

All 1pMobile customers get these benefits too


Keep your number

It's easy to transfer your existing mobile number to 1pMobile.


14-day peace of mind

Try with complete confidence with our 14-day money back guarantee.


Superb network coverage

We offer 99% population and 90% landmass coverage of the UK with 5G/4G/2G support.


You're in full control

You have full control over the network features and facilities available 24 hours a day.


UK-based customer support

Our helpful advisors are on hand to provide both online and telephone support.


Full Itemisation

Every call, every text and all data use, all itemised in your account.


EU Roaming

Take our amazing 1p tariff with you when you travel to any of 46 European destinations.


International calling

Calls to international destinations from just 9p a minute, texts from 6p each.


Worldwide Roaming

Roam anywhere in the world with our highly competitive charges. Details are available on our tariffs page.


2G, 4G, 5G

We offer 4G/5G at no extra cost, giving you fast mobile data, as well as 2G for those with older mobile phone handsets.



Purchase one of our Boosts for even better value when using your phone to surf the internet or using apps on your smartphone or tablet.


Tethering allowed

Use your mobile phone to give your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and tablet access to the internet when you are out and about.


Wi-Fi & VoLTE calling

With Wi-Fi calling you get great indoor coverage using any Wi-Fi signal. VoLTE gives HD quality calls using 4G/5G.


Refer a friend

Refer a friend, family member or work colleague and you'll both receive a reward.

99% population coverage with 5G/4G/2G support.

Check coverage

SIM - Free

Our triple SIM fits all handsets
Just add your first £10 top-up

More info

Compare PAYG prices, 1 minute, 1 text, 1 MB

1-minute 1-text 1MB
1pMobile 1p 1p 1p
Asda 15p 10p 10p
Three 35p 15p 10p
Lyca 15p/23p 23p 15p
giffgaff 25p 10p 10p
Vodafone Minimum £1 a day if used
O2 Minimum £5 a month
Tesco Minimum £7.50 a month
EE Minimum £10 a month

Prices shown above are to UK landlines and mobiles and correct on 27 September 2023

Gold numbers

Select one of our gold numbers for £30 or choose your number for just £5

More info

Order your 1-year SIM

Need more data or calls?

You can add more data or unlimited UK calls and texts at any time with any of our great value boosts.

You can mix and match our Boosts to give the exact bundle you need.

You can even use your Boost while roaming in the EU (subject to a 14GB fair-usage cap).

Each Boost lasts 30 days and can be added at any time.

Check out our boosts

UKs cheapest PAYG mobile tariff (5)

Calls and texts

Unlimited UK calls and texts


1GB Data

Unlimited UK calls and texts


4GB Data

Unlimited UK calls and texts


10GB Data

Unlimited UK calls and texts


25GB Data

Unlimited UK calls and texts


50GB Data

Unlimited UK calls and texts


200GB Data

Unlimited UK calls and texts


Boosts with unlimited UK calls and texts, include all calls to 01, 02, 03 & 07 UK numbers. If all the data in a Boost is consumed, simply add another, or pay our standard rate of 1p a MB for any excess data you use. Boosts are capped at 14GB for inclusive EU roaming.

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UKs cheapest PAYG mobile tariff (2024)


Which pay as you go SIM is best in the UK? ›

The best pay as you go SIM deals you can buy in 2024
  • Voxi: The best pay as you go SIM deal. ...
  • Smarty: The best pay as you go deal with unlimited data. ...
  • iD Mobile: The best cheap pay as you go SIM deal. ...
  • Lebara: The best pay as you go SIM deal for calling abroad. ...
  • Three: Poor customer service. ...
  • Vodafone: Lacklustre performance.

How can I get cheap data in the UK? ›

Yes – a handful of networks offer competitive SIM deals that come in at under £5 a month. Lycamobile's SIMs are some of the cheapest at the market, starting at £5 a month (for 5GB of data, 1000 UK calls and texts and 100 international minutes). Plus, they regularly run discounts, bringing that price even further down.

Is a pay as you go SIM cheaper? ›

It all depends how you use your phone. If you only use your phone every so often, PAYG is a cheap, flexible way to use your mobile. The cost for individual texts and calls is usually more expensive on a pay as you go deal though, and data is too.

Which SIM card is best for international calls in UK? ›

Lebara - Lebara offers possibly the best Indian SIM for UK travellers, as it lets you use your UK allowance for free in India. This also applies to European destinations. For other destinations, you can buy a roaming add-on. Prices vary depending on the destination and duration.

Can foreigners buy SIM card in UK? ›

Expats arriving in the United Kingdom have a choice when it comes to phones. They can choose either a prepaid SIM card or a mobile phone contract. If your phone is unlocked and compatible with the local network, you have the freedom to choose an operator.

Is there a UK pay as you go SIM that doesn't expire? ›

Is there a pay-as-you-go SIM that doesn't expire? The short answer is no. But as long as your PAYG SIM card remains active, it should not expire.

Who offers unlimited data in the UK? ›

  • Vodafone offers three unlimited data plans, with three different download speeds to choose from. ...
  • EE has quite a few unlimited data SIM plans, available on one-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts. ...
  • Tesco Mobile offers competitively priced unlimited data plans. ...
  • O2 has plenty of unlimited data tariffs.

What is the price of 1 GB data in UK? ›

The idea was to compare the current price of 1 Gigabyte of data allowance, and the study uncovered that since 2022, the United Kingdom had slightly improved its ranking, rising from 59th place last year to 58th for 2023. The average price per Gigabyte was recorded as £0.51, down from £0.65.

Is Smarty Unlimited really unlimited? ›

Can I tether or hotspot with Unlimited data? Absolutely! Our unlimited data plans are designed to be truly unlimited. You can make the most of your data for tethering or hotspot purposes without worrying about hidden restrictions or reduced speeds.

What are the disadvantages of pay as you go? ›

The disadvantages

You need to regularly check your credit and keep your meter(s) topped up. If you're using more energy than usual, you can't spread the costs over time.

Is pay as you go being phased out? ›

The telecoms giant announced it will axe its 'classic' PAYG and international sim cards for new customers, although existing ones will still be able to top-up. The move comes after Virgin Media announced it would be stopping PAYG sims as well as putting up prices for existing PAYG customers.

Which SIM is most affordable? ›

The cheapest prepaid SIM card in India is from mobile operator Jio.

Can I buy a UK SIM card in the US? ›

Buy a UK SIM card in the USA. Even if you are in the USA, buying a UK prepaid SIM card is possible before you arrive in the country. You can find online providers such as Amazon, Simify, My UK SIM card, and Simcorner, which sell UK SIM cards from local carriers but with delivery in the USA.

What is the best SIM card to use in England? ›

,top sim card in ukbest sim in ukmost popular sim card in ukbest UK SIM cardsWhile the EE SIM card offers great speed and 4G coverage, Three offers good 5G availability and large data bundles. GiffGaff and iD Mobile are also two of the best UK SIM Cards for international students, owing to their affordable PAYG plans.

Do US phones work with UK SIM cards? ›

Buy a UK SIM card for your US cell phone.

This option may be ideal for travelers looking for affordability and limited usage. SIM cards can be physical or digital (eSIM). If you have a physical SIM card, you can swap it with an international SIM card from a UK wireless carrier.

Which SIM network is best in UK? ›

EE: The best mobile network for speed

That's why I gave it four stars out of five in my EE review. With superb 4G coverage and 5G services reaching over 60% of the UK population, EE is a great choice if you're looking for consistently good performance, everywhere you go.

Should I get SIM only or phone SIM deals in the UK? ›

SIM-only contracts are generally a lot cheaper than phone contracts because you are not paying for the use of a new phone alongside your minutes, texts, and data. So, if you're looking to save on monthly costs this option is a good bet.

Which SIM is best for international roaming in UK? ›

Best international roaming plans and networks in the UK - top 10 options
Vodafone£7.39 a day (free if you have an Xtra Plan)
BT MobileFree roaming
Sky Mobile£2 a day
VOXI£2.25 to £15 a day
6 more rows
May 17, 2024

How do I choose a SIM card UK? ›

Factors to Consider when Picking a SIM Card
  1. Check network coverage: Make sure your chosen provider offers good coverage in the areas you frequent. ...
  2. Call Costs: If you plan on making international calls, compare international call rates and consider specialized plans like Lebara Mobile's.
Jan 14, 2024


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