Reese's University Announces The 2022 Fighting Cuppies Ultimate Basketball Team Full of 'Reeses' (2024)

From physiology professors to finance majors to whatever title they may have, RU drafts a basketball team like you've never seen before

ROUND RIDGE, Pa., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The competition was fierce. The chocolate and peanut butter love was strong. The spelling variations of the name "Reese" were vast. But Peanut Butter Nation delivered! After days of grueling try-outs, we are proud to announce the roster for the Reese's University Ultimate Basketball Team. Let's give our RU ballers a warm orange and yellow welcome and a firm virtual pat on the back — just please remember to wipe the chocolate off your hand first.

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The Reese's University basketball staff has made their final selection, of all the best Reeses – Reeses, Reeces, Reisses and even Arieces, to join the 2022 Fighting Cuppies Team. Now that the players have been selected and signed the first-ever "R"IL deals (Reese's, Image and Likeness) it's time to introduce our starting five.

"We said no basketball skills required, and we meant it. From east to west, Reiss to Reece and unique skills to peanut butter drills – thousands of players tried out to be part of the Ultimate Basketball Team here at Reese's University," said Coach PB, head coach at Reese's University. "Now that they all signed the first-ever "R"IL deals (Reese's, Image and Likeness), we are ready to share this team with the world!"

Introducing the Starting Lineup for Reese's University 2022 Ultimate Basketball Team:

  • CaMesha Reece: What's a basketball team without a starting C? C. Reece has that position covered twice. Also, there are no spelling requirements at Reese's University. Texas player of the year right here!
  • Mark Reese: Reese Marks the spot. Our man from Montana was meant for greatness. I mean, he was nicknamed "Peanut Butter Cup" as a child. We assume because his shot was so smooth and his style so sweet.
  • Mark Reiss: Call him by his last name, Reiss. Mark is leading this team to greatness with the patience and determination of someone who renews his license at the DMV (talk about responsible). We even have reason to believe he looks like a Reese's Cup since that's the first thing people think when he pronounces his last name.
  • Reece Rojas: Drum roll please… this young man was given the name of a lifetime that has carried him from chocolate-covered greatness to peanut butter prime time. You know him as "Reese's Pieces." Give it up for our star senior forward, Rrrrrrrreece Rrrrrrrojas.
  • Erica Ariece Wehrwein: Hey Reese's Pieces lovers – get a piece of this! Erica Ariece a.k.a. "Reese," a.k.a. "Reesey Piecey," a.k.a "Dr. Piecey" is a chocolate peanut butter star and one of this season's starting forwards. If you're thinking about sending her a gift, do yourself a favor and make it Reese's themed.

All of the players proudly part of Reese's University's first-ever basketball team have also signed the first "R"IL deal (Reese's, Image and Likeness)in collegiate sports history, complete with sweet, customized basketball gear and enough Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to cover the length of a basketball court. Fans can show their own pride with merch from the Student Store.

R U ready to cheer on RU?

Follow the latest information on Reese's University and enroll now at:

*Reese's University Ultimate Basketball Team Tryouts Contest - Abbreviated Rules

Open only to legal residents of the 50 US/D.C., 18+ at time of entry. Void where prohibited. Entry Period begins 9:00 AM ET on 3/14/22 and ends 11:59:59 PM ET on 3/23/22. Entry Period is followed by a Judging Period that begins 3/24/22 and ends 3/31/22. For Official Rules and complete details, including how to enter, entry requirements, judging criteria, winner selection, odds and prize descriptions, click here. Sponsor: The Hershey Company, 19 E Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, PA 17033

About Reese's University

Reese's University is a research-focused university based in Round Ridge, Pa. It offers a cutting-edge curriculum in the arts and sciences and robust extracurriculars that suit the needs of every student. With a 99.99% acceptance rate, and a perfect graduation rate, Reese's U consistently ranks as the most delicious university a student can attend.

Founded in 1923, Reese's U is home to accomplished faculty and staff, all dedicated to creating an environment that supports students' impeccable taste and ambitious appetites. They believe there is no limit to what a student can achieve at Reese's U. The collegiate institution's creed, "Peanutum en Chocolux," puts it best: chocolate and peanut butter, a perfect combination.

To learn more, or enroll,

*Our lawyers want you to know Reese's University is not a real University.
**Based on their inability to have a good time, it's obvious that our lawyers did not attend Reese's University.

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Reese's University Announces The 2022 Fighting Cuppies Ultimate Basketball Team Full of 'Reeses' (3)

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Reese's University Announces The 2022 Fighting Cuppies Ultimate Basketball Team Full of 'Reeses' (2024)


Is Reese's University a real school? ›

Admittedly, Reese's repeatedly cites their own lawyers as saying "Reese's University is not a real University," but the concept remains the same: a fictional institution of higher education, albeit one with a real nickname, the Fighting Cuppies, and a real mascot with a giant peanut butter cup head.

Does Reeses University have a football team? ›

The Reese's University Fighting Cuppies have a proud football tradition of winning on and off the field. On the field, they're committed to executing on offense, defense and special teams.

What is the acceptance rate for Reese's university? ›

And now, Reese's fans can enroll at a their very own university that's accepting 99.9% of applicants—a university where students come first, and chocolate and peanut butter come second…or maybe they're all tied for first.

How much does it cost to go to Reese's university? ›

Reese's University, the world's first and most pre-eminent institution of higher chocolate and peanut butter education and the only tuition-free university in the world, recently announced open enrollment for the first time in its 100-year history.

What is the 25000 Reese's prize? ›

A new $25,000 giveaway by Hershey is coming under scrutiny for possible violations of state and federal sweepstakes law. The contest is being promoted on packs of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and while Hershey claims that no purchase is necessary, evidence points to the contrary.

What is the Reese's University mascot? ›

Sing and dance along with REESE'S University mascot Cuppy and the Marching Cuppies Alumni Band at HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD! Hershey and Reese join the fun as we celebrate the release of the REESE'S Caramel Big Cup and basketball season.

Where is Reese University? ›

Where is REESE'S University? REESE'S University was founded in 1923 in Round Ridge, PA. What is Peanut Butter Nation? Peanut Butter Nation is more than just attending classes at RU or cheering on the Fighting Cuppies.

Which Reese's candy packages feature a sweepstakes offering $25,000 to winners? ›

The contest is being promoted on packs of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and while Hershey claims that no purchase is necessary, evidence points to the contrary. As The Associated Press (AP) reports, “The promotion on two-cup packages reads 'You could win $25,000' and, in smaller print, 'See details inside.

How to apply to Reese's University? ›

Chocolate and Peanut Butter. And now, Reese's University and You. To learn more, or enroll, visit *Our lawyers want you to know Reese's University is not a real University.


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