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The Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC) Security Division (Code 1110) processes (reviews and distributes) visit requests for contractor personnel that require access to U.S. Navy vessels residing or visiting at the Naval Station Mayport area. In addition, SERMC also processes visit requests for access to private shipyards, during CNO Availabilities, for the performance of general maintenance work under NAVSEA contracts, and for the performance of AITs. SERMC visit request procedures and policies are in compliance with DOD, SECNAV, OPNAV, and NAVSEA instructions/directives, as well as applicable local/regional requirements.Note: All visit request requirements must be met or access may be denied.


Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) Program

SERMC Security Division uses the Contractor Visit Request (SERMC 5220/2) form for processing request to the naval vessel and SERMC. The Contractor Visit Request form is only for contractor that doesn’t have access to the Defense Information System for Security (DISS), which is the preferred method for submitting government or embedded contractor visit requests. If the contractor employees are not listed in DISS or the contracting company does not have access to DISS, the contractor FSO or designated representative shall fill out SERMC 5220/2 Form and submit the form to SERMC Security Division at However, if the contractor has access to DISS, contact your FSO or Security Management Office to submit a visit request via DISS to the naval vessel Ship’s Force or to LCSRON TWO Security Division SMO Code: N4114 to access the LCS ships. If the contractor does not have access to DISS, submit your company’s visit and/or DBIDS request(s) to

NOTE: SERMC Security Division does not hold copies of all Government issued contracts, provide an electronic copy of the signed Contract cover page and Period of Performance page (POP) date for the contract(s).

Ship Access MASTER LISTS are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by COB.

**To prevent potential PII breaches, the Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) allows safe file exchange of CUI/FOUO information via the website. Detailed information regarding the Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) program can be found at**


In accordance with Commander, Naval Installations command policy, “All contractors, vendors, and suppliers must have a Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) credential for base access.”

SERMC will only sponsor DBIDS credentials for companies attached to SERMC administered contracts. SERMC-sponsored companies must submit all requests for access to any U.S. base or facility, regardless of its geographic location (East Coast, West Coast, Japan, etc.), to the SERMC Security Division. SERMC will provide an email receipt to PRIME once DBIDS request has been received and accepted NAVSTA Mayport Pass and ID Office. Contact the Pass and ID Office to determine if DBIDS is ready for issue “DO NOT CONTACT SERMC.” Wait times vary depending on the individual base Pass and ID Office procedures.

Subcontractors (SUB) must submit DBIDS requests through the Prime contractor (PRIME). SERMC will only accept DBIDS requests from the PRIME. PRIME will submit DBIDS requests to NOTE: DBIDS requests are issued for the period of Performance of Work.


SERMC DISS SMO Code – N40027

For visits to SERMC (only), please use DISS to submit your visit request. It is the responsibility of the visitor to coordinate their visit with the correct SERMC point of contact (POC). The name, phone number and reason for the visit should be entered into the proper fields on the DISS page. DO NOT list the SERMC Security Division as your POC, unless previously coordinated. The POC is the knowledgeable person aware of your visit. All visit requests listing the SERMC Security Division and/or Staff as the POC will be denied/returned for correction. Classified visits will only be accepted and processed through DISS. Classified information will only be disclosed during visits provided the visitor possesses the appropriate security clearance, access level, and have a need-to-know. The establishment of the need-to-know will be the responsibility of the individual who will be disclosing the classified material to the visitor(s). Before a classified visit is approved, the SERMC Security Division will perform the required vetting procedures to verify that visiting personnel have been granted the appropriate security clearance and level of access by using the DISS.


For joint visits to SERMCandto any of the vessels homeported at NAVSTA Mayport, DISS is the preferred method for submitting government or embedded contractor visit requests.However, if the contractor employees are not listed in DISS or the contracting company does not have access to DISS, the contractor FSO or designated representative shall fill out SERMC 5220/2 Form and submit the form to SERMC Security Division at


Visit requests for vessels docked/residing in private shipyards must be forward to the SERMC Security Division email via SERMC_MYPT_SECURITY@navy.milfor processing. Forwarding your visit request by e-mail to this command will facilitate the timely approval of the request, and ultimately, your access to Naval Station Mayport, the MSR site and the ship. Sending your visit request directly to the Naval Station Mayport Pass and ID Office, will delay the approval of your visit.It is also important to understandthat if the ship is located at a private shipyard that their specific policies and procedures must also be complied with. For more information, you may contact the MSR facilities directly at the below listed phone numbers:

BAEJ (Facility Security Officer) - (904) 251-1518
North Florida Shipyard (Facility Security Officer) - (904) 353-2665


Security Officer - (904) 270-5126, ext. 3294
Security Specialist - (904) 270-5126, ext. 3220
Security Specialist - (904) 270-5126, ext. 3019
Security Specialist - (904) 270-5126, ext. 3295
RMMCO - AIT Requests - (904) 270-5126, ext. 3487/3486
NAVSTA Mayport Pass and ID (Privately Owned Vehicles) - (904) 270-5585/5656
Building 48A (Commercial Vehicles) - (904) 270-5137

Commanding Officer
Southeast Regional Maintenance Center
Attn: Security Division (Code 1110)
P.O. Box 280057
Naval Station Mayport
Jacksonville, FL 32228-0057

Naval Sea Systems Command > Home > RMC > SERMC > Contact Us (2024)


What is RMC in the Navy? ›

(25) The term “regular compensation” or “regular military compensation (RMC)” means the total of the following elements that a member of a uniformed service accrues or receives, directly or indirectly, in cash or in kind every payday: basic pay, basic allowance for housing, basic allowance for subsistence; and Federal ...

What does sermc stand for? ›

Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC) provides surface ship maintenance, modernization and technical expertise in support of the ships of the US Navy, the world's finest.

What is the Navy Code 900? ›

Reserve Operations (Code 900)

Provides Reserve supply support services to fleet, industrial, and shore infrastructure customers.

What is code 200 in Navsea? ›

Engineering & Planning Officer (Code 200)

Reports to the commanding officer for the organization, administration, and supervision of the Engineering & Planning Department, with full Fleet technical assistance operations and management.

What does RMC stand for in ships? ›

Regional Maintenance Centres will support the sustainment RAN destroyer HMAS Hobart and other naval ships.

What is RMC in military? ›

Regular Military Compensation (RMC) is defined as the sum of basic pay, average basic allowance for housing, basic allowance for subsistence, and the federal income tax advantage that accrues because the allowances are not subject to federal income tax.

What is the code 800 for Sermc? ›

Code 800 Maintenance Execution Team

SERMC's Code 800, or Maintenance Execution Team (MET), is comprised of skilled Sailors who provide critical preventative maintenance to LCS class ships homeported in Mayport and deployed overseas.

What does BRHD stand for? ›

The Blue Ridge Health District (BRHD) is one of 35 health districts under the Virginia Department of Health.

What does the acronym Uwmc stand for? ›

University of Washington Medical Center.

What is code 711 in the Navy? ›

711 — Psychological separation. 733 — Failed urinalysis separation. 737 — Awaiting Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP, also known as Captain's Mast) 750 — Medical Board separation.

What is a code 700 in the Navy? ›

Lifting & Handling Director (Code 700)

Reports directly to the commanding officer and is responsible for all aspects of the Lifting and Handling Program throughout SRF-JRMC. Serves as Weight Handling Equipment (WHE) program manager and certifying official.

What is a 1110 in the Navy? ›

Security Division (Code 1110)

Oversees physical, personnel, industrial and information security program requirements per Secretary of the Navy and DoD.

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Personnel Ordered for Duty in Connection with Fitting Out (DUTY CFO) Accounting Category Code (ACC-106). A Service member ordered either to the PRECOMMDET or PRECOMMUNIT for a period in excess of 6 months would report DUTY CFO. This will entitle the member to move family members and household goods to that location.

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(2) The Director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (CNO (N00N)), which is also known as NAVSEA Code 08 (SEA 08), has responsibility for all matters pertaining to the maintenance, repair, and modification of naval nuclear propulsion plants and associated nuclear support facilities.

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Upon successful completion of the ROTP, Officer and Naval Cadets are awarded a university degree, receive their commission, and become officers in the Canadian Armed Forces. Normally, graduates are obliged to serve for a minimum of five years in the CAF; most pilots are required to serve ten years after graduation.

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Machinist's Mates (MM) operate, maintain, and repair (organizational and intermediate level) ship propulsion machinery, auxiliary equipment, and outside machinery, such as: steering engine, hoisting machinery, food preparation equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, windlasses, elevators, and laundry ...

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