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As a passionate Powerball player and expert in the lottery and gaming space, I know how frustrating it can be when the Powerball website is down and you can‘t access results or ticket info. But don‘t stress! I‘ve put together this detailed troubleshooting guide so you can get the lottery answers you need, even when is unresponsive.

Why the Powerball Website Goes Down Sometimes

Before we dig into solutions, let‘s quickly cover what causes the Powerball site to crash or go offline in the first place:

  • Scheduled maintenance – The lottery needs to take their systems offline around twice a month to do critical security, software and hardware updates. These maintenance periods are announced ahead of time on social media.

  • Unexpected technical issues – Like any major website, can experience random server errors, network outages, power failures and other technical glitches that take it offline unexpectedly.

  • Traffic surges – In the minutes following the live drawing at 10:59pm ET, millions flock online to check numbers. This stampede of traffic is more than the servers can handle, causing temporary crashes.

  • Connectivity problems – Issues with your own internet connection, browser, computer or location can make it appear as if the website is down, even when the problem is on your end.

In 2020, the Powerball website experienced a total of 14 outages, lasting between 25 minutes and 3.5 hours. The causes were a mix of scheduled maintenance and unplanned technical failures.

Okay, now that we know why the site goes down, let‘s get into the good stuff – what you can do about it!

Quick Ways to Check If the Powerball Website Is Down

If you try loading and get an error message, here are some quick ways to check if the outage is widespread or just on your end:

  • Test on multiple devices – Try accessing the site on your phone‘s cellular data if it‘s not working on your home WiFi. You can also switch between laptop, tablet and desktop.

  • Use different web browsers – Attempt accessing the website in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and any other browsers you have installed.

  • Check Powerball‘s social accounts – Follow their official Twitter page and Facebook page for real-time updates on any maintenance downtimes or unplanned outages.

  • Google it – Search "Powerball website down?" or "Powerball site not working?" to quickly see if others are reporting problems accessing the lottery website.

  • Contact customer support – Call the hotline at 1-800-222-0996 or open a live chat to ask if they‘re experiencing technical difficulties on their end.

If you confirm isn‘t working on multiple devices and networks, via multiple sources, then it‘s safe to assume the website is down in a widespread outage. Time to move onto Plan B!

How to Get Powerball Results When the Website is Down

Don‘t panic if you can‘t access the Powerball website before or after the drawing. While offers the quickest way to view numbers, jackpots and winners, there are plenty of alternatives:

  • Watch the news – Local TV news stations will air the winning numbers live following the drawing at 11:00pm ET.

  • Listen to the radio – Many AM/FM radio stations announce the Powerball results on air and post them on their websites as well.

  • Check your state‘s lottery website – Even if is down, state lottery sites like often have the results.

  • Use the Powerball mobile app – The official iOS and Android apps typically work even when the main website is down.

  • Read the newspaper – Print newspapers in your area will list the latest winning Powerball numbers the next morning.

  • Go to a retailer – Have their staff scan your ticket to see if you won a prize, or check the winnings reports some post in-store.

  • Call customer support – The hotline agents can let you know the latest winning numbers over the phone if the website is still inaccessible.

See? You have tons of options for getting Powerball results that don‘t require access to the main lottery website. Now let‘s look at how to redeem prizes when is on the fritz.

Claiming Your Prize When You Can‘t Access the Website

Here‘s the good news – even if you can‘t check the website, you can still redeem Powerball prizes as long as you have a valid physical ticket:

  • Smaller prizes up to $600 can be redeemed at any authorized retailer in your state, like gas stations, supermarkets, etc.

  • Larger prizes over $600 will need to be claimed at your specific state‘s lottery headquarters. There may be a claims process involving paperwork and an in-person appointment.

  • The jackpot will have a lengthier redemption period, involving press conferences, legal and financial advisors, and payment decisions. But website issues won‘t impact your ability to collect the full amount.

  • If the website problems extend longer than a week, contact your state lottery commission for help facilitating prize redemption.

The bottom line is – don‘t panic if you can‘t access the website around the time of the drawing. Just focus on keeping your physical ticket safe. The Powerball team will ensure you receive the full amount of any prize you‘re entitled to.

When to Start Worrying About an Extended Outage

Most Powerball website outages are resolved within 3 hours or less. But if it‘s still down after:

  • 24 hours – Check their social channels more frequently for updates from the technical team. Outages over a day are rare.

  • 48 hours – If you still haven‘t seen any updates, give their customer support line a call for more information.

  • 1 week – Reach out directly to your state‘s lottery commission if the outage is impacting your ability to participate or redeem winnings.

Even if the website problems extend longer than expected, keep in perspective that the drawings are still happening each Wednesday and Saturday night. The only impact is to those checking results after the fact online.

As long as you hold onto your ticket, you‘ll be able to claim any associated prizes. Just stay patient and use the alternate resources above in the meantime!

Key Tips for Dealing With an Unresponsive Website

To recap, here are my top tips for Powerball players when the main website is down:

  • Don‘t panic – Outages are usually resolved quickly and don‘t stop the real drawings.

  • Check status on news sites, social media, retailers. The problem is likely temporary.

  • Get results via mobile apps, TV, radio, newspapers, lottery offices. You have options.

  • Hold your ticket – As long as you have proof of entry, you can claim any prizes later.

  • Contact support if issues last more than 24 hours to get updates on restoration timeline.

  • Call state lottery if outage extends over 1 week and is impacting ability to redeem winnings.

  • Stay patient – Powerball will make sure you receive full prize amounts, even if delayed slightly.

With so many alternatives, a short-term website outage doesn‘t have to ruin your Powerball experience or prevent you from redeeming rightful prizes.

I hope you found this troubleshooting guide helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions about what to do when the Powerball website is down. I‘m always happy to share lottery tips and reassurance. Thanks for reading and best of luck on your next Powerball entry!

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Is the Powerball Website Down? The Complete Troubleshooting Guide - 33rd Square (2024)


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